Client Services


1. Recruitment

At The HRAgency, we introduce the right people. From entry-level positions to seasoned professionals, in the most creative to the most corporate environments, The HRAgency is here to find you the perfect candidate.
Our candidate network is our most important asset - and our personal approach has built it. Candidates respect our integrity and clients the consequential quality of the candidates we can provide.
Our recruitment is spread across the following areas, however is not limited to the list.

  • Accounting
  • Executive Search
  • Marketing
  • Administrative
  • Finance
  • Procurement
  • Audit
  • Human Resources
  • Supply Chain
  • Banking
  • Legal
  • Specialised Roles e.g Engineering, Medical etc
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing


Once we have understood your recruitment needs, we will determine whether the recruitment falls under the three broad categories listed below.

  1. Head-hunt/Executive Selection

  2. Databank

  3. Advertising

2. Temporary and Contract Staffing

Looking for contingent staff for occasions when additional resource or a particular skills-set are required in order to deliver a project on time and within budget or to fill in for staff on leave especially for support functions e.g; Accounting / Book Keeping staff; Administrative/Secretarial Staff; Customer Service / Call Centre Staff.  The HRAgency understands your challenges and knows that in today’s marketplace, locating and securing top talent temporary or contractual staff, who have been referenced is as difficult as ever. You can count on The HRAgency to provide you with verified temporary contractual staff in quick turnaround time.

We also provide specialised technical staff for Project based assignments in both the NGO and Corporate Sectors, e.g.

  • Engineers – across different sectors

  • Health Specialists

  • Environmental Specialists

  • Public Sector Specialists

  • Scientists

3. Training Services

Our vision at The HRAgency is to provide our clients, training that is practical and effective and that improves business performance.

Being the people business, we have recognized the need to select consultants who share our company values and demonstrate their ability to engage with our clients. This enables us to provide you with highly professional and supportive consultants who are seasoned experts in their various fields of specialty.

Our trainings are conducted on an “in company” basis. Once we have fully understood your training needs, we will present our tailored solution, utilizing the most skilled and experiences consultant or team of consultants who we will work with seamlessly together to deliver the results required.

4. Staff/HR Outsourcing Services

Our Staff Outsourcing services are reliable, flexible, commercially focused and 
legally compliantt.

Our HR Outsource service include :-

  • Management of contract staff – These are staff required by an organisation to offer crucial services. Since there is no head-count for them, The HRAgency employs the staff and seconds them to client for the period their services are required. 

  • Ad hoc HR Outsourcing Services – This is aimed for those clients who require outside assistance with an aspect of HR without ongoing commitment e.g. Performance Management Solutions, Setting up of or review of HR Policies, etc.

  • Payroll Services – This is where the HRAgency handles the Payroll on behalf of a client. Paying of their staff, ensuring proper taxation and remittance of the various statutory deductions to the various government bodies.

5. Developing Employees through Mentoring

Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen and a push in the right direction.John Crosby, American Businessman.

Do you have a brilliant employee who is well skilled, adds value but is having challenges in certain

Do you have a brilliant employee who is well skilled, adds value but is having challenges in certain sensitive areas and requires real world experience and skills that are difficult to transmit within the traditional work-place set up?

We at The HRAgency offer comprehensive solutions to some of these daunting challenges on your behalf enabling you maintain a good working environment in your organization by tackling the elephant in the room on your behalf, in a way that will eliminate the element of bias.
We mentor employees addressing core problematic sensitive issues such as:

:: Communication – Spoken or Written

:: Interpersonal Relations

:: Dress Presentation

:: Hygiene Issues

We will help the employee identify and learn new skills in their area of challenge, providing critical insights to help the employee read and sense the events going on around them, fusing professional advice with the organization’s experience and culture.
Mentoring offers several benefits to the protégé. It:

:: Shortens the learning curve for professional growth.

:: Provides a sounding board and safe place to share ideas and thoughts.

:: Challenges the protégé to go further, take risks, and set new goals.

:: Offers a rich and customized learning environment.

:: Improves the protégé’s self-awareness.

:: Demonstrates that the organization is committed to the protégé’s professional growth and development.

To learn more about how we can help your organisation with mentoring please email or call us on 0713404128/0202693666.


Our Expertise


·         Recruitment Solutions

·         Temporary Contract/ Interim staffing

·         Staff/HR Outsourcing & Payroll Solutions

·         Staff Verification

·         Training

Our Mission

To develop longterm partnerships with our clients and provide innovative, HR professional services to advance the achievement of their corporate goals.

Our Objective

To be a leading provider of flexible and practical human resource services for employers of all sizes.


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